The School Day

Arrival and Dismissal

All students must be in the school building by 8:30 am.  Lunchtime dismissal is 11:15 am for morning Kindergarten and 12:00 pm for Grades 1-5.

Afternoon Kindergarten students will be admitted to their homerooms at 12:50 pm.  Grades 1-5 must be in their homerooms by 1:00 pm for afternoon classes.  End of the day dismissal is 3:30 pm for all students.


A play area is provided at each building.  The playground is supervised from 8:20 am to 8:30 am and from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.  Students arriving at school before the entrance bells should go to the play area and remain there until it is time to enter the building.  When weather is inclement, students are to go to the shelter area designated by the playground supervisor.  The playgrounds are not supervised after 3:30 pm.  After dismissal, students should report directly home, while the crossing guards are on duty, and to check in with you or their afternoon caregiver.  You are welcome to accompany your child immediately after dismissal to the playground or walk back with him/her at anytime.   If you permit your child to play at the playground with no supervision, they may return only after reporting home first.  All school playground facilities are not available for public use during school hours.


The elementary lunch period is from 12:00 – 1:00 pm.  Students are permitted to go home for lunch with written or emailed permission from their parent.  It is acceptable to have one note that encompasses an entire week/month/year.  Children that stay in the school building for lunch have the opportunity to bring a lunch from home or purchase one from the cafeteria. A student is not permitted to differ from his/her plans unless it is in writing or email; the parent must provide a new note with any changes in the student’s lunch schedule.

At Lincoln and Washington Elementary Schools, 4th and 5th grade students only, are permitted to go out to lunch with parent permission.  It is acceptable to have one note that encompasses an entire week/month/year. The schools are not responsible for any issues or concerns that occur while in the community during the lunch hour.


Recess is an opportunity for students to interact with their peers.  Recess may occur in or outdoors.  Outdoor recess occurs unless the temperature is below 15℉.  Students need to dress appropriately for recess.

Special Programs and Parties

Often cultural and educational programs are presented for elementary students by outside groups.  Also, students are given the opportunity to showcase their skills with instrumental and vocal numbers in various musical concerts.
There are three school sponsored parties a year, typically near Halloween, the winter break and Valentine’s Day. PTA and classroom parents assist with planning the party activities. Parties follow District guidelines for food and beverages.

Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of the educational program.  They are arranged by classroom teachers to provide a firsthand educational experience designed to enrich classroom teaching.  Prior to the scheduled trip, parental consent forms are sent home with students, along with an explanation of the specific details.  Some trips require a nominal fee, which is the responsibility of each student.  The permission form and any fees will need to be returned to school before the trip occurs.  If any field trip fee presents a family with an undue financial hardship, a confidential request for assistance may be directed to the principal.

Walking to School

Mt. Lebanon is a walking district.  Safe walking routes are established for all elementary schools.  Refer to individual schools for specific routes and designated crossing areas.  Parents are encouraged to review safe walking routes with their children.

Weather Delays and Cancellations

When emergencies such as weather conditions or power failures require the delay or closing of school, notice is given as early as possible.  Typically when school is canceled, after-school and evening activities are not conducted.   Information sources for a delay or closing are:  School District Website –; School District Cable channels 19 (Comcast) and 33 (Verizon); Mt. Lebanon Public Access channels 17 (Comcast) and 34 (Verizon); KDKA TV,; WPXI TV,; WTAE TV,; and KDKA Radio 1020 AM. District and school social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) will also have delay and cancellation information.

In the event of a school delay or closing, parents will receive a phone call from the District’s Emergency Phone Alert System to the primary phone number listed with the school.  Only one call per family is made.  Calls are made no later than 10:00 pm and no earlier than 6:00 am.  Your caller ID will display “Mt. Lebanon School District” and the District’s main number of 412-344-2000.  Please update your contact information in the Dashboard or with your building secretary.

Morning Kindergarten will remain in session until 12:00 pm on the days students have a 10:00 am start. Afternoon Kindergarten will follow the normal schedule.