Safety and Security

Emergency Procedures

In partnership with the community emergency responders, the Mt. Lebanon School District engages in emergency preparedness on an ongoing basis.
In the event of a school emergency (delay, dismissal, lockdown, partial/total building evacuation) parents will receive a phone call from the District's Emergency Phone Alert System to the primary phone number listed with the school. Your caller ID will display “Mt. Lebanon School District” and the District’s main number of 412-344-2000. Parents who have entered their contact l information in the Dashboard will also receive email updates and text messages. The success of this system depends on accurate contact information obtained from school records. If your information has changed, please update your phone numbers in the Dashboard.

Additional Resources for School Emergency Information:

• MTLSD website:
• School District Cable Channels 19 (Comcast) and 33 (Verizon).
• Twitter: @MTLSD.
• Facebook:
• Push notifications through the MTL APP (Available for iOS and Android).

In order for our emergency response plans to be effective, we must depend on the cooperation and assistance of many people, such as local police and fire departments. We also depend upon the parents of our students to support our efforts. Your cooperation is vital to helping us protect the safety and welfare of all children and school employees. Therefore, we ask parents to observe the following procedures during a crisis situation:

Please Do:

●    Check for a call from the MTLSD Phone Alert system. A phone call will be sent from the District to notify parents of a school emergency. Make sure your contact numbers are up to date.
●    Check your email. Email notification will be available to those users who have entered their email addresses in the Dashboard.
●    Keep your contact information updated on the Dashboard and in the school office.
●    Talk to your children. Emphasize how important it is for them to follow instructions from their teachers and school officials during an emergency.
●    Always call 9-1-1 in an emergency.
●    Use the Safe2Say App which is the school safety anonymous reporting system that is mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for every school district in the state to use. If you see something suspicious, report it and encourage your children to do the same. Your tip will be sent to the MLPD and MTLSD administrators.

Please Don't:
●    Do not come to the school or evacuation location until you are instructed to do so. It may be necessary to keep the streets and parking lot clear for emergency vehicles.
●    Do not telephone the school. We understand and respect your concern, but it is essential that the telephone system be available for emergency communications.

Photographs and Videos of Students

Students are photographed each year by a professional photographer either in September or October.  Parents will be notified of the date the student’s picture will be taken and of the package options. Retakes are offered for students who were absent.  The district does use these images for other relevant student identification purposes (i.e., permanent files, student information system, cafeteria/food service accounts).

The instructional staff and audiovisual department photographs and videotapes numerous school activities throughout the school year.  Parents who do not wish to have their child photographed or videotaped should notify the principal, in writing, of this request.



Mt. Lebanon School District has an emergency management plan with specific details pertaining to each school.  The safety of the students and staff is our highest priority.

Safety Drills

State law requires that all schools conduct drills for fire and security.  A fire evacuation plan is posted in every room. The District used the ALiCE protocol for security drills. Teachers instruct students on these procedures for all drills and circumstances. Fire drills are held monthly and security drills occur within the first 90 days of school. Additional security drills may occur and replace up to two fire drills. 

School Rules

Being courteous and orderly are the underlying goals of the rules and regulations that govern student behavior at elementary school.  Positive reinforcement of desired behavior is provided by the staff through teaching, discussion, and role modeling.  Students are expected to demonstrate good citizenship at school as well as during the time they are traveling from home to school and back.  In the event that students disobey the rules, disciplinary action may include a reprimand, withdrawal of privileges, or notification to parents.  In-school suspension and out-of-school suspension may occur depending on the seriousness of the offense depending on school policy.  All school board policies can be reviewed in the principal’s office and at  For more information, read the Student Conduct section at the back of this handbook.


Mt. Lebanon School District is a smoke-free environment.  All tobacco and vaping products are prohibited for employees, students, and all persons using or visiting school property.


It is the policy of the District that all persons visiting any school building during school hours, other than students or employees assigned to such school building, must promptly register at the principal’s office.  Visitors are required to present photograph identification and must wear visitor badges when visiting the school.